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Planning Consultancy

Maximising your success means investing in the enhancement of your development potential. Planning Consultancy is the process of accessing that potential. When making an investment to grow or build on your land, people are often faced with the realities of bureaucracies or simple confusion on where to start. Gaining planning permissions is often time consuming, complex and wholly inefficient. Breakthrough the troubles by hiring Imperial Building Solutions to help make the process easier and quicker for you.

Why Choose Us?

Imperial Building Solutions provides world-class services to customers so they can unlock their full potential. We treat every case individually; evaluating each client’s needs and preferences against what is practical and profitable. We’re keen on details, skilled in our abilities to provide for clients and pose the resources required to help make the right decisions for their future and development. We cut out the unnecessary and arm our clients with the knowledge to take steps confidently. Our teams are dedicated problem solvers who strongly believe in guiding clients through the process to achieve their planning goals. We’re a team with the competence, experience and the spirit that remains unmatched and, therefore, we’d be the perfect fit as your planning consultants.

Planning Consultancy Services


Planning Applications

Taking on a big project is daunting enough; we’re going to be with you every step of the application process to guide you and cut through common hindrances. Our expert consultants will answer any of your queries so you’re well informed from day one.

Planning Appeals

In case your planning application was refused for any reason, we can assess it for you and submit a planning appeal on your behalf with the Planning Inspectorate. We’ll prepare you for your case and ensure any weaknesses from your application are eliminated.

Post Planning Advice

Do you need help with your planning after your application has been accepted? Imperial Building Solutions has a network of qualified and experienced experts who will be able to guide you on how you implement your vision.

Land Development

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle, Imperial Building Solutions can assist you in the land development of your property.

Planning Statements

If needed, as part of our planning consultancy, our consultants can prepare tailored planning statements that make use of the proper industry jargon and are able to still effectively convey your ideas in their most authentic way.

Design and Access Statement

In order to illustrate the practicality of your design choices, an access statement can be drawn up to evaluate and support your claims.

Certificate of Lawfulness

There are a number of legal certifications that are meant to prove the authenticity of your development project and its status as lawful. However, they may not be recognised by authorities. Therefore in order to protect yourself, Imperial Building Solutions can help you apply and obtain a Certificate of Lawfulness from the Council. This reaffirms your rights and mitigates your risks. 


Site Feasibility Studies

Make the right investments without fail by having your site evaluated by our panel of experts who can illustrate what your investment will return for you. By making sure you have all your bases covered, you can proceed with confidence in the decisions you’re making.

Agricultural Occupancy

If your property is located in rural zones, some special conditions may be applicable as per the region’s policies. Some restrictions may be harmless, others could reduce the value of your investment. And in return, make it difficult to sell the property at a profit as well. If you’re facing any issues with agricultural occupancy, our consultants can advise you on the matter.

Negotiation and Support

We’re fiercely dedicated to our client’s success and so, we are available to provide assistance in the shape of negotiations, arbitration and other forms of support. Our network will be able to link you with the professional guidance you need.

Enforcement Assistance

In the event a breach of a particular planning clause occurs, enforcement action can be taken by local planning authorities. Our services will be able to liaison between you and any parties required to resolve the matter as swiftly and skillfully as possible.

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Need some help?
Contact our team today to discuss your requirements and receive a FREE no-obligation quotation.