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Kitchen Installations

Kitchens are a vital component of any home, a place where families get together. This can make kitchen installations all the more important and stressful for homeowners. Deciding on the place of permanent fixtures or the lighting required to give it a bright feel, there’s a lot of thought that goes into building a kitchen. You may have an idea of where to start or you might be feeling rather overwhelmed by the decisions and options you have. Let Imperial Building Solutions help you to make the process easier.

Why Choose Us?

Imperial Building Solutions offer excellent services that are designed with the customer in mind. Our team is unrelenting in their drive to help you figure out all the details, from the layout to the style. Their creativity will inspire ideas which may set up even more outstanding and functional to use. Regardless of your personal style choices, we can help by bringing elements that can work for you.

We are not your run of the mill builders, we will construct you a beautiful kitchen that allows you to feel comfortable, joyful and productive. Whether you need professional installation or a simple home setup, Imperial Building Solutions are the team for you. We are transparent with our pricing and work within our discussed budget. We handle all the work for you and guarantee all material is of the highest quality. Additionally, our team always remains open and responsive to your concerns while staying proactive against any issues that may occur during the construction process. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, timeliness and innovative spirit. These qualities are what makes us stand out and why we’re equipped for you to challenge us with your kitchen installation project. 

Our Kitchen Installations services include:

Kitchen refurbishment

  New kitchen installation

Gas & electric installation

Tiling services


Paint & decor


 Bespoke requirements

How We Turn Plans Into Reality

Our Process


Tell us your style and we’ll give you all the practical options available to you. Our consultation process is a discussion for us to get to know what you are looking for, what elements of the kitchen concerns you the most and what we can do to help you. We never disregard any of our client’s style choices and have designers who are specifically briefed to bring to life the embodiment of your preferences. We want to give you a breathtaking room that you can utilise to the fullest extent.

Our planning process typically looks like the following:

Assessment of your kitchen space

To get an overview of your options we look at the size of your kitchen and whether it has to be constructed or refurbished.

Create a brief

We’ll sit you down with some designers to flesh out your ideas a bit more so you can effectively understand what you need and what might not be practical. At this stage, you’d be flooded with ideas so we tune out the noise and focus on what’s important to you and what will last in the long run.

Fixtures and appliances

We move on from design elements into the functional side of your kitchen to decide the placement of windows, lights, appliances and fixtures. While you can always add in more later, the placement of those items can affect the room dynamic and we recommend always planning ahead.   

Discussing a budget

It’s easy for things to get out of hand when undertaking installations; but we solve that issue by being upfront so you know where you stand. Our budgets are the best estimates we can provide before starting a project, but we ensure it is as accurate as possible by figuring out all the above details before proceeding. 

Blueprint & Schedule

Our project manager and designers will then present you with a proposed brief of the details and the plan we will adopt to make sure the project runs smoothly, efficiently and effectively. Your assigned project manager will be inspecting every aspect of the installation. We only use the highest quality materials which are ordered as per the requirement so there is no wastage of resources.


Once all the details are figured out, the installation will begin according to our agreement. We guarantee constant updates regarding the process of each element and a timely, successful finish that checks all the boxes for your dream kitchen.

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