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Dilapidations aim to repair or restore spaces into an agreed-upon state by the tenant and/or landlord. It essentially seeks to return the property back to its original state according to the “Schedule of Dilapidations”. The terms of which are set out in the lease agreement between a landlord and their tenant. The service can be used by either the departing tenant or the landlord.

Commercial properties can get damaged for a variety of reasons. In some cases, it is natural wear-and-tear; others may be a result of negligence. Tenants often enter into leasing agreements based on maintaining their rented building or recuperating the damages upon the dissolution of their agreement.

Older buildings or spaces which have experienced a lot of wear-and-tear pose challenges to conducting dilapidation. Therefore, it is recommended to utilise professional services who can handle the matter responsibly and competently.


Why Choose Us?

Imperial Building Solutions understands the concerns of both parties and are well versed in each member’s legal obligations. Our team is here to support and deliver you results that are in line with your original agreement. We simplify the process for you and focus on the facts of the case.

We draw up a plan of action and schedule that is strictly adhered to by our project managers. Each stakeholder is aware and up-to-date on your progress to avoid any confusion. With our expert and experienced builders, you will be in good hands that will deliver quality results at every step of the process.

Do You Need A Dilapidations Service?

It is generally encouraged to undertake dilapidation in case of any damage concerns. It protects both parties from making any misguided claims later on and records the building’s condition when a lease agreement is over.

For tenants, we proactively safeguard your interests and allow you to exit your lease by meeting all your legal requirements. A legal claim can cost you thousands and our services help protect you against them. We keep a tighter control on costs by handling all elements of the dilapidation in-house; thereby further reducing your costs. Additionally, we ensure all work is complete by the expiration time of your lease to avoid any unnecessary fees.

For landlords, we draw up plans on how to tackle the repairs to ensure your building recovers without any long-term losses. Our services are fast allowing you to quickly lease your property again as per your requirements. Depending on the level of disrepair, we even offer strip-and-demolition services to restore the building to its original form. Furthermore, our project managers are available for consultation regarding improvements or modernisation. Our fully-managed turnkey solution allows you to save your overall costs and ensure your building can go right back on the market without any delays.

Our Services:

· Internal or external redecoration                        

· Replacement of furniture, carpets or tiling     

· Replacement of lighting or other fixtures         

· Servicing air-conditioning units                           

· Building repairs or maintenance

· Removal of space partitions or false ceilings

· Fitting electrical cables

· Removal of floors                        

Types of Dilapidation Services

Insurance Approved Repairs

Insurance repairs are utilised by landlords whose property might have been damaged. In case you have an insurance agreement that covers dilapidations, we will work mindfully with the company to ensure all their conditions are being met. The property is restored to its original form as per the leasing and insurance agreements. In the scenario the property does suffer any damages, we will handle the repairs along with your insurance company; thereby allowing you to avoid any legal issues, time delays or unnecessary costs.

Commercial Lease Repairs

Commercial lease repairs are for tenants to ensure the building is restored to its original form. Imperial Building Solutions offers our building services to make the process easier, quicker and reliable. Your dedicated project manager will work closely with contractors and oversee the restoration of the property. We have teams at the ready who understand the precautions that need to be taken. With their attention to detail and expertise in dilapidation repairs, you can rest assured that your lease responsibilities will be met. Our main objective is to make dilapidations simpler, faster and fair for all parties.

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Contact our team today to discuss your requirements and receive a FREE no-obligation quotation.
Need some help?
Contact our team today to discuss your requirements and receive a FREE no-obligation quotation.