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Commercial Landlord

Investing in commercial properties is a risky business for a commercial landlord if done incorrectly. Presentation of your available space matters to potential tenants and their leasing decision may come down to appearances alone. On the other hand, depending on the style and facilities your building possesses, you can attract tenants from certain niches, businesses or revenues. Don’t let your opportunities go to waste. Sprucing up the building you want to lease and making improvements can highly increase your profitability.

That said, there’s a lot to consider when renovating. It’s an entire process which can take up a large amount of manpower and management. Luckily, you can rely on experts who understand your investment and know how to appeal to tenants. Imperial Build Solutions is here to help. 

Why Choose Us?

We’re a dedicated team of builders with a passion for design and innovation. We are thrilled to take on challenges and understand the needs of businesses in all sectors. Our focus has always been to use our professional skills to deliver excellence to our customers. We pride ourselves in being meticulously driven and attentive to the smallest details when it comes to the implementation of our client’s projects.

A commercial Landlord will have a unique business model. Only companies with a strong understanding of the market can create renovation plans that turn a profit. We closely work with the best in the industry to bring our clients an excellent service that is unmatched by others. Knowing how a business operates, what the motivations are and how to meet expectations is very important to Imperial Build Solutions. Our fit outs are a combination of design and functionality which embodies innovation.

We’re confident in our ability to build creative designs in a timely and structured manner to help ensure big returns from the investments landlords make. To that end, we offer a few specialised services for a commerical landlord in particular.

Cat A Fit Outs

When leasing out a property, typically commercial landlords will want flexibility and we provide just that. In order to entertain different businesses within your space while still promoting the area, we offer Category A (Cat-A) office fit outs. These refurbishments are limited to the creation of a basic structure for the building which will be largely empty.

Incoming tenants will be responsible for filling their space as they see fit. This allows the same property to be used by multiple tenants over the years. Cat A fit outs do not include any furnishings but are habitable. It essentially offers companies the bare bone structure and is a popular choice for commercial landlords to raise the value of their property.

Cat A plans include:  

Heat, air-conditioning and ventilation systems (HVAC)

Raised floors

Lighting and power

Suspended ceilings

Basic mechanical and electrical fittings

Fire security and smoke alarms

Basic internal finishing


Over the past 10 years, London has seen a vast amount of co-working spaces popping up which has led to tenants raising their expectations in flexible and practical design features to make a new workspace ready for immediate occupation.

If you want to target more specific businesses or want to provide more than a blank space, Cat A+ is also available. Cat A+ incorporates elements from Cat A and Cat B fit outs. Cat B projects are primarily for businesses who wish to build an entire set up from scratch with finished furnishing, flooring and even, furniture setups. This setup is not always suitable for landlords as it restricts their ability to appeal to a wider audience and can be more cost-demanding. That’s where Cat A+ comes into the picture.

Cat A+ offices are ready for immediate occupation and little to no furnishing may be required on the tenant’s end. The design and structure of the building are made by Imperial Build Solutions with the landlord to provide this complete package to leasers.

With more and more companies looking for a quick start, Cat A+ has been rising in demand. Due to the additional features and immediate leasing, landlords can utilise flexible models and increase their return on investment.

Dedicated Commercial Landlord Team

We have a landlord focused team who will offer expert advice on how to achieve the most from a fit out in order to make the office space more appealing to potential tenants, as well as to maximise the achievable rental value and minimise rent-free periods along with voids.

Our team is equipped to provide dedicated services to landlords following their constructions specifications. We know how to build efficient workspaces that appeal to companies and their motivations. We can work with landlords on enabling potential tenants to visualise operating in the space and to convert their interest into a lease agreement.

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