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Our commercial builders are there to help you create a business which reflects your values and image. Well-designed workspaces are not simply just for show, they are assets for the company. The specifics that your company requires might differ, but the core principles remain the same. Buildings are a foundation which can impact your brand image, employee performance and investor opinions. Our building services are there to help you create a business which reflects your values and image. 

Why Choose Us?

Imperial Building Solutions is here to help you with our qualified team of commercial builders. We are experienced, dedicated, and able to deliver the utility you need to turn your business premises into a valuable asset. We understand the competent services businesses need and strive to deliver excellence.

Our job is to ensure your work is uninterrupted while we transform your building in accordance to your business objectives. We offer a wide range of services for all commercial buildings looking to optimise their appearance or operations. Our diverse portfolio and versatile team can take on any challenges ensuring you get a high-quality service.

How Our Commercial Builders Can Help

Demolition/Strip Out Existing Finishes

Precise and prudent strip out of existing finishes on your building for either replacement or repairs can be made. Our commercial builders will bring the property back to its original form for you or demolish the area as required.

Mechanical & Electrical Design & Installations

Need an upgrade? Our team can be contacted to develop designs to improve the mechanical and electrical fixtures in your space. Once all details are finalised, a team of contractors will be overseen by our project manager to ensure timely results and quality control.

IT Infrastructure & Planning

Imperial Building Solution services can also offer specialised IT planning and infrastructure installation services which sorts out where each wire goes and how best to structure your IT set up. We’ll help resolve all your hardware, software, data centre management and support concerns within your office space. 

Partitions, Glazing & Doors

Add in new design elements, privacy or security through our building services. We provide you with a host of options to select from a varied design of partitions and glazed or unglazed doors. If you require custom-built patterns, our team would be devoted to helping you find the perfect match.


Have a set up that reflects business branding including the furniture within it. Our designers work in synergy with you to draw up floor plans for the seating and all the furniture required, as well as the design options available.

Bespoke Joinery

Bringing design to life means focusing on the details. As such, we offer premium, custom-made joinery that can be fitted into wooden and metal structures to help add an aesthetic touch which reflects your brand identity. All designs, whether commercial, specialist or architectural, can be requested and our teams will work proactively to provide you with only the best. 

Workplace Acoustics

Sound plays a huge role in productivity and employee well-being. Noise can be distracting and often leads to unneeded stress; our team can help. Whether you want a simple block out or need better acoustics according to your business needs, we can take on the challenge to optimise your office accordingly.


Repairs, replacements or boosting appearances of your ceiling can be a difficult job, but Imperial Building Solutions has the expertise to provide you with the perfect result. Whether there’s damage that needs urgent fixing or a large project you want to undertake, the end result will always be a carefully and prudently crafted ceiling with high-quality materials only. 

Floor Finishes

Improve the look and feel of your flooring through our services and guarantee yourself a beautiful and sustainable finish that works for different floor materials. We offer complete floor finishing packages from area surveys to surface aftercare. 


Brighten up your workplace with additional decorations to make any space look more professional, comfortable and friendly. We cater to a wide variety of aesthetics and budgets. Each decor element is used to forward your brand identity and boost morale within your company.

Project & Site Management Team

We believe in advocating for the client and being their partner in the construction or refurbishment projects. Therefore, we can assign a team of skilled experts who will plan, oversee, and evaluate projects on your company’s behalf. You can rest assure that Imperial Building Solutions has your back and will reliably deliver quality services that will enable you to succeed in your business endeavours.

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Need some help?
Contact our team today to discuss your requirements and receive a FREE no-obligation quotation.
Need some help?
Contact our team today to discuss your requirements and receive a FREE no-obligation quotation.