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Residential Building Services

There is no place more important to love than your home. It’s your base, a place to relax, to escape, and to spend quality time with friends and family making memories. Our building professionals aim to achieve the very image that each of our customers has, in detail, while ensuring all functionality and aesthetics are to the highest standards. We offer a wide range of services for all residential buildings looking to optimise their appearance or operations. Exceptional quality and affordable rates come standard with all our residential building services and we are also proud members of the Federation of Master Builders. 

Why Choose Us?

Imperial Building Solutions is here to help you with our qualified team of builders. We are experienced, dedicated, and able to deliver the utility you need to turn any building into your ideal home.

Our job is to ensure your homelife is uninterrupted whilst we transform your residence in accordance with your vision. Our diverse portfolio and versatile team can take on any challenges ensuring you get a high-quality service.

Our Building Services Include

Demolition/Strip Out Existing Finishes

Precise and prudent strip out of existing finishes on your building for either replacement or repairs can be made. Our personnel will bring the property back to its original form for you or demolish the area as required. 

Mechanical & Electrical Design & Installations

Need an upgrade? Our team can be contacted to develop designs to improve the mechanical and electrical fixtures in your space. Once all details are finalised, a team of contractors will be overseen by our project manager to ensure timely results and quality control.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

Two of the most popular renovations in homes are the kitchen and bathroom. Whether you want to upgrade your kitchen for a more modern appearance or add another bathroom to your home, our full-service construction team can help. We will take care of the whole process from the design stage through to completing the intricate details whilst reflecting your personal style and ensuring its all fully functional. We can make your renovation dreams come true with our exceptional remodelling services. 

Partitions, Glazing & Doors

Add in new design elements, privacy or security through our building services. We can present an array of varied design for partitions, glazed and unglazed doors for you to select from. If you require custom-built patterns, our team would be attentive to helping you find the perfect match.


Brighten up your home with additional decorations to make your space your own. We cater to a wide variety of aesthetics and budgets. Working closely with you step-by-step to design a beautiful scheme that’s distinctive and practical whilst reflecting your lifestyle and tastes.

Bespoke Joinery

Bringing design to life means focusing on the details. As such, we offer premium, custom-made joinery that can be fitted into wooden and metal structures to help add an aesthetic touch which reflects your home. All designs can be requested and our team will work proactively to provide you with only the best. 

Workplace Acoustics

Sound plays a huge role in productivity and employee well-being. Noise can be distracting and often leads to unneeded stress; our team can help. Whether you want a simple block out or need better acoustics according to your business needs, we can take on the challenge to optimise your office accordingly.


Repairs, replacements or boosting appearances of your ceiling can be a difficult job, but Imperial Building Solutions has the expertise to provide you with the perfect result. Whether there’s damage that needs urgent fixing or a large project you want to undertake, the end result will always be a carefully and prudently crafted ceiling with high-quality materials only.

Floor Finishes

Improve the look and feel of your flooring through our services and guarantee yourself a beautiful and sustainable finish that works for different floor materials. We offer complete floor finishing packages from area surveys to surface aftercare.

Project & Site Management Team

We believe in advocating for the customer and being your partner in the construction or refurbishment projects. Therefore, we can assign a team of skilled experts who will plan, oversee, and evaluate projects on your behalf. You can rest assure that Imperial Building Solutions has your back and will reliably deliver quality services that will enable you to succeed in achieving your perfect home.

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