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Bathroom Installations

Great bathrooms are a combination of design, functionality and aesthetics. To create a space that truly reflects your vision, proper planning is key. A lot of time, resources and money go into bathroom installations and there’s a lot that can go wrong. Problems can range from poor workmanship, time-wasting installations and mismanagement of resources. However, all the pain can be avoided by hiring experts who can model your bathroom right the first time around.

Why Choose Us?

Imperial Building Solutions is a team of builders who have the skills, expertise and creativity to meet all sorts of design challenges. We have a proven track record of excellence supported by our understanding of what homeowners need and the challenges they commonly face.

We meticulously work with our clients to ensure every aspect of any construction or renovation is executed to the highest quality standards. Our project managers diligently listen to customer’s ideas while providing their honest and innovative suggestions to ensure your space is being optimally utilised in accordance with your preferences.

Imperial Building Solutions handles all the contracting and resource management to execute discussed plans on time. Sustainability is as important to our values as they are for homeowners. We build residential spaces that look great and function for homes that are built to last. Our teams are uncompromising with the quality but are practical with installations. This responsible attitude is exactly why we’re the perfect team to handle your bathroom installation.

The bottom line: When it comes to quality, we are passionate, fast and reliable.

Our Bathroom Installations services include:

 Custom bathroom design

 Plumbing fixtures

 Shower door or tub installation

 Bathroom refurbishment

 Vanity installations

 Bespoke requirements

How We Turn Plans Into Reality

Our Process


Imperial Building Solutions is equipped to take on bathroom installations of all shapes, sizes and particularities. In order to ensure the end result provides you joy and comfort, we pay special importance to the planning phase. We support our customers by taking the time to understand their requirements and aesthetics properly. Additionally, our team of designers are ever-ready to provide you with creative options that you may not have thought of while also filtering out some of the noise so the end result is simply beautiful.

We take our planning in the following stages:

Assessment of your bathroom space

Whether you need a fresh installation or a bathroom renovation, we evaluate the location we have to work with. This helps us to bring you innovative ideas that are practical and only elevate the space.

Create a brief

Our design team will discuss all the details and pay close attention to the style requirements. This will help us create a detailed blueprint to guide us going forward. Additionally, we are approachable at any stage of the project in case you need adjustments or want to re-evaluate the details a bit.

Inspire you

Option overload can be a real pain. By providing customers with inspirations to possibly incorporate into their bathroom installations, we’ll be able to take the end product to the next level. 

Figuring out the details

Once we have the basics down, all the lighting, ventilation, storage, vanity and other practicalities are discussed beforehand. Any extra’s you need can be incorporated and our experts are always there to guide you. 

Discussing a budget

We strongly believe in providing commitments we are able to meet and transparency is the key to that. We provide a realistic idea of the costs of taking on the project and all the efficiencies that can be applied to make the cost as friendly as possible. 


Upon approving the project, we will get started on turning your space into the beautiful bathroom that we have created together. Our teams will be responsible for any contracting, plumbing or additional discussed requirements that you request. We will ensure a timely finish without compromising on quality and delivering you a first-class space you can feel at home in.


Once all the details have been figured out and are satisfied, our project manager will proceed to develop a more concrete design that matches our discussed proposal. We’ll create drawings and models to provide you with an idea of the end result. Flexibility is maintained to a certain extent if needed. Our teams will also work out any renovation/installation licenses that may be required as part of the project.

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Need some help?
Contact our team today to discuss your requirements and receive a FREE no-obligation quotation.
Need some help?
Contact our team today to discuss your requirements and receive a FREE no-obligation quotation.