Spring is coming! So what better way to prepare your entire living space for this season than some dreamy floral elements? This is the perfect print for this lovely period of the years and also the flowers and plants give that fresh vibe that any warm home needs.


Get the floral vibe in your living room

If you want your home to be ready for this new warm season start with your living room. Choose floral cushions for your sofa, an arty floral rug for your floor and also fresh flowers to decorate your coffee table. Let’s not forget the window, pick drapes with a floral print and also you can add some plants next by your windows. Your home will look dreamy, fresh and it will scream: “it’s spring again”


Get your bed ready for spring

To get your bedroom ready for spring we need to focuses on your bed, drapes and nightstand. For your bed you have to have pillows and a bed linen with a dreamy floral print. Home about one with roses, or peonies, or even poppies or art deco flowers, sounds great right? For your nightstand choose a floral mug and a vase with fresh flowers, your room will smell lovely. And talking about scent, a floral scented candle is perfect for this warm season.


Make a small home garden

Transform a corner of your balcony, terrace or kitchen into a small home garden. Because big plants are a must for this season, and also the tropical themed decor is very trendy now, you should consider decorating your home with natural spring flowers or with colourful plants. Choose a cool stand to arrange your flowers and make gardening your second passion next to cooking. Also, for your kitchen choose plates and glasses with a floral motif, it will refresh your whole lifestyle.